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The power of product placement

Posted by Tom Croft - Head of Marketing at PHMG on

For some time now, the advertising world has been at peak saturation – with consumers continuing to mentally and physically block the endless parade of commercials we’re presented with. Therefore, marketers have no choice but to be a little more … Read more>>

Creating a caller experience they can trust

Posted by Kristian Hunt - Director of Client Services at PHMG on

One of the most important benefits of the professional caller experience is its unique ability to instil trust in the customer. And as we’re about to discover, it takes more than just music on-hold to achieve these valuable results.

World Book Day: a literary celebration

Posted by Nicholas Moran - Head of Copy at PHMG on

A good book is a wonderful thing… it expands the mind, sparks the imagination, and spirits us away to new and exciting worlds, all with a simple turn of the page. Today, people across the globe are celebrating authors, illustrators … Read more>>

Open your ears to the listening audience

Posted by Tom Croft - Head of Marketing at PHMG on

Whether we’re catching up with the latest podcast while pounding the pavements… or rediscovering a classic album on the commute, it’s undeniable that audiences are now consuming more audio than ever before – which is why more and more brands … Read more>>

Taking iconic ads to a 21st century audience

Posted by Symon Dickinson - Creative Director at PHMG on

In partnership with in-image advertiser GumGum, marketing experts The Drum have approached a panel of the industry’s top talent to reimagine iconic ads of the past for a modern audience. So how did they bring classics of the 60, 70s … Read more>>

The Google rebrand: as simple as A, B, C

Posted by Stephanie Gilchrist - Marketing Manager at PHMG on

When a consumer pledges allegiance to a brand, they become truly passionate about every element of it – and even the smallest of changes can put their loyalty to the ultimate test.  With such a fine line between success and … Read more>>

Lost in translation: taglines on a global scale

Posted by Helen Kennedy - Content Manager on

To make your mark in a crowded market, you don’t just need a tagline – you need a good tagline. When done right, it can be one of the most powerful communication tools a brand can have. Yet as we’re … Read more>>

A Human approach to marketing

Posted by Symon Dickinson - Creative Director at PHMG on

Channel 4’s new drama Humans is currently mesmerising audiences with its depiction of a parallel present where robots become our servants. But before the show even began, its multichannel marketing had viewers on the edge of their seats – so … Read more>>

All-consuming audio

Posted by Tom Croft - Head of Marketing at PHMG on

We’ve already introduced sound as a way of enhancing the impact of content marketing. But how can you guarantee your message will be congruent across every platform? In All-consuming audio, we’ll be exploring the use of content audio marketing in … Read more>>

Marketing to the 21st Century Consumer

Posted by Tom Croft - Head of Marketing at PHMG on

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. Yet according to recent research, a one minute video is worth 1.8 million of them. With innovative new ways of communication constantly emerging, we’re taking a look at why video holds the … Read more>>

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