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The Evolution of the Sound Bite

Posted by Nicholas Moran - Head of Copy at PHMG on

Steven Spielberg’s ‘The Post’ is currently wowing audiences and critics alike, sitting firmly in the UK and US top tens and picking up a whole host of Oscar nominations. The film tells the story of The Washington Post’s attempts to … Read more>>

Words: use them well

Posted by Nicholas Moran - Head of Copy at PHMG on

In the fake news era, more and more people are looking for honesty and clarity in the spoken and written word. Whether a consumer looks to receive their news from a televised broadcast, in print or via social media, the … Read more>>

Songwriting in the spotlight

Posted by Nicholas Moran - Head of Copy at PHMG on

A great song is not just made up of a catchy melody – the lyrics are a hugely important factor in creating a record that connects with millions worldwide. And whilst we agree there are exceptions to the rule, when … Read more>>

Remembering AA Gill: the most iconic writer of our generation

Posted by Nicholas Moran - Head of Copy at PHMG on

It’s been nearly three months since the sudden passing of Britain’s most outspoken writer, AA Gill. As a journalist, he was a trailblazer, incessantly twisting and breaking the rules. And as a critic, he was an inspiration to many in … Read more>>

World Book Day: a literary celebration

Posted by Nicholas Moran - Head of Copy at PHMG on

A good book is a wonderful thing… it expands the mind, sparks the imagination, and spirits us away to new and exciting worlds, all with a simple turn of the page. Today, people across the globe are celebrating authors, illustrators … Read more>>

The potent power of astounding alliteration

Posted by Helen Kennedy - Head of Content on

The right strapline has the unique ability to push a campaign to the forefront of a consumer’s mind, often making use of highly memorable literary techniques. One such technique is alliteration. And as we’re about to discover, this language pattern … Read more>>

Branding in the digital age: do actions speak louder than words?

Posted by Nicholas Moran - Head of Copy at PHMG on

When the Goliaths of Silicone Valley speak up, the world listens. Therefore, it’s no wonder that Facebook’s Nicola Mendelsohn’s condemnation of written content at the Fortune Most Powerful Women International Summit this June caused a ripple in the digital community. … Read more>>

The sound of the slogan

Posted by Helen Kennedy - Head of Content on

Maybe she’s born with it… maybe it’s Maybelline. Have a break – have a Kit-Kat.  Beans means Heinz. When we think of some of the most famous advertising slogans, it’s not just the written elements of the words that make … Read more>>

Sound choices in brand naming

Posted by Symon Dickinson - Creative Director at PHMG on

What’s in a name? When it comes to selecting the moniker of a brand, everything. The title a company chooses to go by is vital to its success – it defines their identity, differentiates them from the competition, and when … Read more>>

One brand: one message

Posted by Helen Kennedy - Head of Content on

Even with the most memorable name, a brand needs a clear message to explain to consumers what makes them different – and the best way to do this is with a simple, powerful and memorable strapline. From ‘Just do it’ … Read more>>

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