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Doing the caller experience properly

Posted by Symon Dickinson - Creative Director at PHMG on

Yorkshire Tea’s latest ad campaign shows that they ‘do things properly’ – not just their tea, but their on-hold time too. But even though they might present their version of the caller experience as comically OTT, we don’t think it’s … Read more>>

Creating a caller experience they can trust

Posted by Kristian Hunt - Director of Client Services at PHMG on

One of the most important benefits of the professional caller experience is its unique ability to instil trust in the customer. And as we’re about to discover, it takes more than just music on-hold to achieve these valuable results.

An experience the consumer will never forget

Posted by Stephanie Gilchrist - Marketing Manager at PHMG on

Of the thousands of brands out there, it’s the ones who create a real customer experience that make a lasting impact. All the more frequently, big names are hosting ever more lavish, high-profile events that stay with a buyer far … Read more>>

Speaking to your customers in a multimedia world

Posted by Tom Croft - Head of Marketing at PHMG on

Customers now have more options available to them than ever before when it comes to contacting a business – whether it be text, Twitter, email or IM. But as businesses expand their presence across an increasing number of channels, it … Read more>>

A sound return on your investment

Posted by Mark Williamson - Sales & Marketing Director at PHMG on

ROI is the key buzzword in branding – however you promote yourself, you need to know that your investment will deliver. Unlike other areas of business, it’s notoriously difficult to measure the return of your marketing activities. Yet this doesn’t … Read more>>

The finer things in branding

Posted by Tom Croft - Head of Marketing at PHMG on

We’ve all seen how the customer experience is becoming all the more important to the consumer of 2016 – and arguably, no brands offer better overall experiences than those at the very top end of their market. But a business … Read more>>

Considering the customer experience

Posted by Kristian Hunt - Director of Client Services at PHMG on

For many customers, favour of a particular brand doesn’t just come from the quality of their product or service – it’s about their entire experience of dealing with the company, from initial enquiry to final delivery. This journey shapes the … Read more>>

Don’t forget your phone

Posted by Olivia Howlett - Head of Audio Branding at PHMG on

In a world where poor customer service can be shared with nothing more than a 140 characters and a hashtag, brands have nowhere to hide when it comes to customer service – and have to go further to engage with … Read more>>

Enhancing the virtual queuing experience

Posted by Kristian Hunt - Director of Client Services at PHMG on

From the last Harry Potter book to the first iPad, high-profile products have long been attracting consumers to queue for hours on end to get their hands on the goods – and none more so than the phone. The media … Read more>>

Transforming time on-hold

Posted by Dan Lafferty - Director of Music and Voice at PHMG on

We’ve already seen how important time on-hold is in shaping the caller experience – not just to benefit the caller, but the business too. By utilising this time to its full potential with an On-Hold Marketing production, organisations are able … Read more>>

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