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Technology has changed. Why hasn’t your voicemail message?

Posted by Kristian Hunt - Director of Client Services at PHMG on

  Nearly a hundred years have passed between the invention of the telephone and the emergence of the commercial answering machine. That’s a lot of missed calls. Only in the 1980s did calls stop ringing out as businesses and homes … Read more>>

Making the personal professional

Posted by Olivia Howlett - Head of Audio Branding at PHMG on

Business voicemail is a contact point for customers, suppliers, strategic business partners and staff. Like other touchpoints it should convey your business’ brand values and deliver excellent service. The goal is to provide callers with an experience that exceeds their … Read more>>

Balancing group and individual identity

Posted by Olivia Howlett - Head of Audio Branding at PHMG on

Business voicemail greetings are often either very personal, or very corporate. The best, however, strike a perfect balance between the two. Callers need to know that they’re not just dealing with a trustworthy individual or a worthy company, but a … Read more>>

Business Voicemail – getting it right

Posted by Tom Croft - Head of Marketing at PHMG on

Business Voicemail is all part of the audio branding experience. It’s sometimes the first contact you’ll make with a customer, so it’s crucial you make the right impression every time. Here at PH Audio, we’re passionate about getting it right … Read more>>

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