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Audio techniques to captivate the ear

Posted by Olivia Howlett - Head of Audio Branding at PHMG on

With the absence of the visual, you might think audio is a restrictive medium for advertising – but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Campaign’s best radio ads of 2017 showcase the creative techniques that make use of sound … Read more>>

The third dimension in audio

Posted by Mike Cooke - Director of Production at PHMG on

Immersive, engaging and unbelievably realistic, 3D sound offers a listening experience like no other. And as we’re about to learn, it’s not only transforming audio consumption, but introducing exciting opportunities for brands to captivate their customer in ways they never … Read more>>

The sound of brand relevancy

Posted by Kristian Hunt - Director of Client Services at PHMG on

In today’s fast-moving market, it’s never been more important for brands to stay relevant – in their sector and in the mind of the consumer. Read on as we explore how businesses keep their finger on the pulse with seasonal, … Read more>>

A culture of music

Posted by Bradley Lucy - Head of Music and Voice at PHMG on

The greatest advertising campaigns, the ones that linger long in the memory, are those that transcend traditional marketing and enter dominant culture. And one of the most dependable methods of achieving this is through music. Read on as we take … Read more>>

A sound to lure us to the sunshine

Posted by Dan Lafferty - Director of Music and Voice at PHMG on

Even before the decorations come down, the first of the summer holiday adverts has hit our screens. Our collective desire to beat the January blues makes this month one of the busiest for bookings – which inspired us to take … Read more>>

The essential elements of audio branding

Posted by Olivia Howlett - Head of Audio Branding at PHMG on

Just like developing a visual identity, audio branding is a fine art that demands careful consideration and real industry expertise. As a New Year begins – a year in which audio is set to become a more important part of … Read more>>

2017: listening back to another year in audio

Posted by Olivia Howlett - Head of Audio Branding at PHMG on

2017 has been another strong year in the world of audio branding, with technological advancements and ever-more creative composition resulting in some spectacular sounds. So join us as we take a look back at some of the most memorable audio … Read more>>

A Christmas campaign to capture the consumer

Posted by Stephanie Gilchrist - Marketing Manager at PHMG on

Consumer spend is at a year-round high, so there’s a lot at stake for businesses during the festive season. Therefore, a carefully considered marketing strategy is key. With budgets, global audiences and content saturation all to take into account, devising … Read more>>

NFL’s strategic branding touchdown

Posted by Symon Dickinson - Creative Director at PHMG on

Gone are the days of the NFL being an American-only past time, with the global popularity of the sport rising to an all-time high. As so often with American football, the reason for this surge of overseas support lies in … Read more>>

Campaigning for consistent creativity

Posted by Symon Dickinson - Creative Director at PHMG on

When faced with a barrage of buying options, there’s one thing consumers need from their brands – consistency. And the best way to achieve this is with a well-developed campaign that projects a business’ key message or values across multiple … Read more>>

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