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150 years of Canadian sound

Posted by Robby Stone - Head of Music and Voice at PHMG on

Canada Day is just around the corner, and this year it’s especially important as it marks the start of Canada’s 150th birthday festivities. To commemorate this sesquicentennial anniversary, we’re taking a look at the CanadaSound project, and exploring how the diversity and history of a nation is being celebrated through sound.

150 years ago, Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia united to create the Dominion of Canada, with these British colonies becoming recognised as an independent nation on July 1st, 1867. In the following years, many other provinces and territories joined the Dominion – bringing with them their own histories and cultural individualities. It’s this diversity that’s made Canada the inclusive, welcoming nation that we know today – and the 150th anniversary is the chance for Canadians to recognise these shared values.

The founders of the CanadaSound project have recognised that sound is the perfect way to celebrate the key themes of Canada 150 – most notably, diversity, environment and youth. From the roar of a snow blower to the crunch of an ice hockey stick, Canadians from every corner of the country have been invited to submit audio clips that mean something to them – creating a soundscape of the nation. Local musicians have also been called upon to mix the sounds with beats to create new songs, which will be gathered to produce a Canadian compilation. All proceeds from the songs will go to MusiCounts, a charity that puts instruments into the hands of Canadian children – encouraging the continual growth of Canada’s music scene.

This project has created a snapshot of how Canada sounds at 150, so in the years that follow, there will be a permanent reminder of the anniversary celebrations. CanadaSound has been embraced by people across the country as the perfect way to acknowledge the occasion, illustrating exactly how sound and music brings people together. And whilst people may have different ideas of what constitutes a truly Canadian sound, the unity of a track that combines the different snippets of audio will create a real sense of Canada’s personality.

The CanadaSound project proves audio is powerful enough to encapsulate the identity of a whole country – and encourages an emotional response that represents true patriotism. So just imagine what it can do for your brand.

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