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Yearly Archives: 2013

The spirit of Christmas marketing

Posted by Symon Dickinson - Creative Director at PHMG on

There’s always one sure-fire way to know that the most wonderful time of the year is upon us – simply turn on the TV during any ad break. The Christmas campaign is the time for big brands to show just … Read more>>

It’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas

Posted by Mike Cooke - Director of Production at PHMG on

Whether it’s traditional carols or contemporary classics from the likes of Slade and Mariah, Christmas is intrinsically linked with music. Choirs and sleigh bells signal the start of the festive season, and often, it only takes a tune to get … Read more>>

Marketing resolutions for a New Year

Posted by Tom Croft - Head of Marketing at PHMG on

Increasingly, companies are co-ordinating all their different marketing channels to create an all-encompassing brand image. An important element of this is on-hold, as the caller experience is a valuable part of the whole customer experience. With On-Hold Marketing, businesses can … Read more>>

Marketing originality

Posted by Tom Croft - Head of Marketing at PHMG on

Since the earliest days of advertising, companies have favoured certain marketing channels, phrases and buzzwords to grab the attention of consumers. In our modern, multimedia world, there are more opportunities than ever to promote all kinds of products and services … Read more>>

Holding on to a cliché

Posted by Olivia Howlett - Head of Audio Branding at PHMG on

The monotonous beeps… the tinny, crackly reproductions of Greensleeves… the deathly silences and the insincere apologies – it’s these clichés that make being on-hold a chore. But by replacing these tired features with an expertly produced On-Hold Marketing message, this … Read more>>

Service with more than a smile

Posted by Dan Lafferty - Director of Music and Voice at PHMG on

With more choice and more competition than ever before, businesses must do all they can to keep their customers happy. First-class customer care at every touchpoint is the best way to do this, but with today’s market-savvy consumers, this takes … Read more>>

Listen to your life

Posted by Symon Dickinson - Creative Director at PHMG on

From the morning alarm to a ringing phone… the hum of traffic to the chatter of a busy bar, our everyday lives are punctuated by sound. Many of these are commonplace, and we don’t think twice about hearing them on … Read more>>

Say it with sound

Posted by Mike Cooke - Director of Production at PHMG on

It’s not just pictures that speak a thousand words – sound says a lot too. Film-makers and composers use music in particular to tell a story, convey emotions and make meanings clear – a practice organisations can take inspiration from. … Read more>>

Popular music in business

Posted by Tom Croft - Head of Marketing at PHMG on

Chart hits and commercial misses We’re all used to hearing our favourite songs associated with businesses, most commonly in TV adverts.  However, the relationship between music and business runs deeper than this, with well-known compositions also heard on-hold, on-site and … Read more>>

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