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Yearly Archives: 2009

Delta Air Lines’ on-hold music just won’t fly

Posted by PHMG on

While the UK’s press occupies itself with icy roads, epic snowmen and Eurostar’s winter engineering problems, weather over in the States has thrown up its own challenges for another large travel company this weekend. Delta Air Lines – who’ve had … Read more>>

This call will self-destruct in 8 minutes, 22 seconds

Posted by Dave Murphy - Head of Copy at PH Media Group on

Hang on (please) We’re a patient bunch, us Brits. Along with fax machines, umbrellas and radar, we invented queuing. We queue at Alton Towers. Queue at the post office. Queue for pints. Queue for burgers after too many pints. We’d … Read more>>

Keeping clients engaged when they’re NOT on hold

Posted by PHMG on

How many times have you called a company and found the person you are speaking to is dull, unhelpful and not very charismatic on the telephone? This can really affect a client’s view of a company, so it’s really important for a business to offer its customers great service that keeps the customer interested in not only what the business can do for them, but in the person they are talking to. Read more>>

The evolution of on-hold production technology

Posted by PHMG on

At PH Audio we’ve used a number of methods to deliver music on hold, and our use of audio technology is something we’re always looking to improve and develop. So, from CD players that jumped and warped, to digital playback with a lot of flexibility, here’s a rough technology timeline. Read more>>

Want to be a rock star?

Posted by PHMG on

The bedroom rock star, we’ve all been there – standing in mirrors with hairbrush microphones, playing tennis racket guitar solos, the acceptance speeches, sell-out gigs at Wembley and the interviews with Parky. For some of us, the dream ended in … Read more>>

Demystifying Google Wave

Posted by PHMG on

What would email look like if it was invented today? That’s what Google asked themselves and Google Wave is their answer. Their point is that email has been around for forty years, and even though it’s still the primary form of electronic communication today, it’s certainly not the only one. So, they set about creating a way to merge the best of email, social networking and instant messaging to create a super communication tool, namely Wave. Read more>>

Manchester Christmas Markets

Posted by Tom Croft - Head of Marketing at PHMG on

The Manchester Christmas Markets are back in town from the 18th of November complete with beer tents, Gluhwein and German sausages. Read more>>

Voice and music on hold. Are you making the most of your audio brand?

Posted by PHMG on

PH Audio are (queue shameless plug) the on-hold marketing champions throughout Europe, so it goes without saying that we know what we’re doing when it comes to all things on hold. That said, we do like our clients to be … Read more>>

Vote now for your favourite music track

Posted by PHMG on

t’s powerful, emotive and often controversial – music has a strange effect on us humans. Vote for your favourite hold music track now… Read more>>

Sonic Mnemonics | Events, places & brands: Vol. I

Posted by Tom Croft - Head of Marketing at PHMG on

Have you ever seen that film Jonny Mnemonic? I can’t remember what it’s about now… ooh, poor joke! In all seriousness though, audio can be used to help us remember brands. So, in a new series of posts, we’ll be … Read more>>

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