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At the third stroke… the speaking clock transforms

Posted by Dan Lafferty - Director of Music and Voice at PHMG on

It’s been 80 years since the speaking clock first declared the time to the people of Britain. In celebration of this landmark anniversary, BT announced their competition to find the new voice of the service – inspiring us to explore the past, present and future of this beloved institution.

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A golden opportunity for advertisers

Posted by Tom Croft - Head of Marketing at PHMG on

Rio 2016 is drawing to a close, and at this year’s Olympic Games, we’ve seen more brands than ever before get involved with the greatest sporting show on earth. Join us as we take a look at the most exciting campaigns of this year’s event, and discover how changes to The International Olympic Committee’s rules could create more opportunities for promotion than ever before.

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Sharks: the scare’s in the sound

Posted by James Stuart - Head of Music and Voice at PHMG on

Of all the elements of your company identity, your audio brand has the most enduring effect on the consumer. And if this sound doesn’t create the impression you want, the results can last a lifetime. Just ask the humble shark…

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The stranger sound of the small screen

Posted by Robby Stone - Head of Music and Voice at PHMG on

Since it premiered on Netflix this July, there’s been one TV show on everyone’s lips: Stranger Things. It wasn’t just the suspense-filled story, compelling characters and powerful performances of the series that captured the imagination of the viewers – its soundtrack was incremental in propelling it to success. With tracks from the show hot on everyone’s playlist, we were inspired to take a closer look at what makes music such an integral part of TV’s biggest hits.

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Spotify: the marketing behind the music

Posted by Stephanie Gilchrist - Marketing Manager at PHMG on

Last week saw a sophisticated shift in the world of advertising, as leading digital music service Spotify introduced a welcome addition to their programmatic offering. Soon, they’re set to implement game-changing audio marketing opportunities for their advertisers – so we’re taking a look at the serious impact this is set to have on companies and their consumers.

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Making your mark on the audio adspace

Posted by Tom Croft - Head of Marketing at PHMG on

Between billboards and banners… pop-ups and posters… the visual advertising landscape is packed to the point of saturation. Given the sheer volume of competitors, it’s no surprise that businesses have moved to the earscape to earn the attention of their audience. But with increasing rivalry in this field too, you have to be all the more strategic with your audio ads to be heard above the noise.

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The sound of the slogan

Posted by Helen Kennedy - Marketing Copywriter at PHMG on

Maybe she’s born with it… maybe it’s Maybelline. Have a break – have a Kit-Kat.  Beans means Heinz. When we think of some of the most famous advertising slogans, it’s not just the written elements of the words that make them memorable – it’s the way they sound when spoken. From alliteration to repetition, join us as we take a look at some of the techniques that make a slogan really stick.

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Celebrating the magicians behind the music

Posted by Mike Cooke - Head of Production at PHMG on

More often than not, it’s the musical artists that are celebrated with awards, chart positions and platinum discs. While their work cannot be ignored, the producer behind a track has an equally great influence on its sound – and can go unnoticed. So join us as we take a look into the skill of the stars behind the mixing desk.

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Voice recognition: the sound of security

Posted by Kristian Hunt - Director of Client Services at PHMG on

Earlier this month, we discussed the growing rise of voice search on smartphones in ‘The consumer speaks out’ – discovering how the technology has significant implications for the way businesses target and engage with consumers. Now, another breakthrough in this area has hit the headlines, showing how voice recognition is set to revolutionise customer security.

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